Are you working a job which will require scaffolding towers? In Huntingdon, the team you need to call is PJ Slater. At PJ Slater, we’re a family-run company with more than 40 years’ experience providing professional, affordable scaffolding services. We cater to domestic, commercial, and even industrial requests. So, if you need an access tower, phone us now on 01733 978495. 

The Best Choice for Scaffolding Towers, Huntingdon Has to Offer 

While working at height, there is always a risk of serious injury; injuries can even occur just from falling from a low height. And if there are employees, members of the public or other contractors below, the situation could be a lot worse. This is where access towers can help; if you’re looking to hire scaffolding towers in Huntingdon, look no further than PJ Slater. 

We supply Huntingdon scaffolding towers which are fully maintained and comprised of super-strong and durable materials. You can trust that these towers won’t let you down and are suitable for use in countless situations. To find out a little more about our service, read on or get in touch. 

Here to Supply You with Scaffolding Towers in Huntingdon 

Our team of access tower and staircase contractors are among the best around and are fully accredited, able to take on any request. If you require scaffolding towers, Huntingdon customers, start by calling us up to discuss your request in more detail. We’ll carry out a survey to determine your requirements and supply you with the appropriate access towers.  

We’ll ensure any access towers we supply are erected correctly with full adherence to health and safety. You’ll have full use of the towers for as long as you need them. Once you no longer require them, our team will return to dismantle and remove the towers from your site. We only supply the best scaffolding towers in Huntingdon, so you always have assurances. 

The towers supplied by our Huntingdon scaffolding towers team are ideal for situations where easy roof access is required. Because we assemble all access towers/ staircases ourselves, we’re able to ensure standards are upheld, guaranteeing maximum protection for you, your team, and anyone else who may find themselves within the immediate vicinity. 

Furthermore, our team will carry out weekly inspections of your scaffolding towers. In Huntingdon, very few companies go the extra distance the way we do. 

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Other Services 

Besides access towers, the PJ Slater also provide a wide range of scaffolding services, such as: 

  • Edge Protection 
  • Safety Netting 
  • Domestic Scaffolding 
  • Commercial Scaffolding 
  • Industrial Scaffolding 

If you would like to learn more about the services provided by our skilled team, waste no time in giving PJ Slater a call. 

Proud to Supply Huntingdon Scaffolding Towers That Are Affordable and Reliable 

When you’re looking to hire professional scaffolders, look no further than PJ SlaterDelivering top-quality scaffolding solutions is the bread and butter of our business which has committed us to investing in the best equipment around. Furthermore, our equipment is kept well-maintained, such is our commitment to providing our customers with safe and effective solutions. 

For years, we’ve supplied scaffolding towers in Huntingdon under the guidance of the Slater family. With more than 40 years’ experience behind us, you can expect capabilities that put us at the top of our industry. Very few other scaffolding companies can compete with the range of services that we offer. No request is too much for us to handle, from the smallest task to the largest job. 

We deliver unbeatable lead times while keeping our costs low. And with a firm commitment to upholding health and safety practices, you can rest assured you’re in safe and capable hands. It’s no wonder many consider us to be the best supplier of scaffolding towers, Huntingdon has seen. 

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If you’re looking to hire scaffolding towers in Huntingdon, phone PJ Slater today on 01733 978495. We look forward hearing from you!